• Installments: Consumers can buy now and pay later

    Offer your customers installment payment plans on an API-based solution or on existing international standards.

Donut chart showing 1 out of 4 payments.
Donut chart showing 2 out of 4 payments.
Donut chart showing 3 out of 4 payments.
Donut chart showing 4 out of 4 payments.

Illustration of a paper and a pencil.
Visa card circled with reverse arrows.
Illustration of calendar with check mark.


Increase payment options on existing cards in wallet
Illustration of a store front and a person.


Help increase sales volume and conversion rates
Illustration of a issuer bank building front.

Financial institution

Help increase cardholder engagement and loyalty with new revenue stream
Illustration of a blue and yellow hands shaking each other.


Help protect against volume erosion; new value added service for merchant offering

Growth in installments in different sectors. See the detailed image description.
Globally, installments represented $1.6T in market value in 2020. This is comprised of 38% credit cards, 27% fintech loans, 20% traceable personal loans, 12% durables lending, and 3% store cards.

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